Persatuan Alumni Universiti Putra Malaysia (PAUPM) or Universiti Putra Malaysia Alumni association was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies under the Societies act 1966 on 29 June 1971 as Persatuan Bekas Siswa Kolej Pertanian. Malaya or the Association of Former Students of the College of Agriculture, Malaya.

The name was changed to Persatuan Alumni Universiti Pertanian Malaysia on 23 November 1973 to reflect the change in the name of the Alma Mater.


The objectives of PAUPM are as follows:

  • Assist the university to improve its performance in its activities, research and service.
  • Assist in forging lasting friendships and communications among members, between members and the university and between members and future graduates of the university.
  • Serve as the official channel representing alumni in all dealings with the university.
  • Carry out funding activities to enable the association to be continuously active in order to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • Carry out programs for the betterment of the association.
  • Publish journals, magazines, bulletins and other publications in order for the association to achieve its goals and objectives subject to approval from relevant authorities.
  • Assist the university and future alumni in career guidance and provide a channel for networking between members and their future employers.
  • Promote the various disciplines pioneered at the university inline with the aspirations of the nation. 

Our Mission

To bring about effective bonding among alumni and between alumni and the campus community that will result in the generation of various programs benficial to the nation, Alma Mater, members and students.

We will champion the cause of the agriculture industry and its related activities as our primary area of focus.

Our Vision

To be synonymously associated with the Serdang Spirit i.e. pioneering, bold and resilient; championing diverse activities aimed at enhancing the productivity and competencies of members, the Alma Mater, agricultural community and the nation as a whole.

Our Shared Values

  • To deliver our services with utmost professionalism and integrity.
  • To uplift and preserve the good name of the Alma Mater at all times.
  • To propagate the Serdang Spirit and that of its founding fathers.